Instagram Love

This week I am looking at the indie designers on instagram. These are some of my favorites.......... this week! Click the pictures and go to their Instagram Pages.
You won't be sorry!!!!!

Stash - A Love/Hate Relationship: Part 1

A knitters dream is to have a stash that is full of magical, beautiful yarns that we are in love with.  You would think that would be easy. After all we are in love with the yarn and the project when we buy it. But there are many things that makes the relationship with our yarn...... fickle.

Summer Knitting Ideas

My knitting choices do change in the summer. 

  • I tend to work with plant fibers instead of animal. I will concede that working with wool in said 95 degrees, unless you are in a/c is very unappealing. The one exception is sock yarn. It doesn't feel sticky and hot to me like other wool yarns do.   
  • I do tend to crochet. Working with plant fibers can be harder on your hands as there is no stretch to the fiber. The addition of acrylic needles to the market have made a big difference as then bend some. This makes knitting cotton much easier on your hands.  
  • I work on smaller projects so I don't have something laying in my lap, no blankets!

How many projects are on you needles?

I actually have only a couple of projects on my needles right now. On average, I would say I have 4 projects going at any one time. Why I would have so many projects going at one time? Well, there are different types of projects. Some project are harder then others. What I feel like knitting on depends on my mood or the energy I have at any one time. 

2015 the Year of Colorwork

I try to pick a focus for my knitting each year. This year I decided to make it "Colorwork". Any type of color techniques that caught my attention. So far I have done fair isle and brioche. I also finished up a sweater I had started at the end of last year.  I have been pretty monogamous with my knitting which is unusual for me. You sure do get projects done faster, but I have a feeling my monogamy is about over.  Here is what I have finished so far and what is up next.

Vogue Knitting Recap

It was a perfect day in Pasadena last weekend. The weather couldn't have been better. We were at the Convention Center where the architecture is 100% Pasadena. The convention center was full of fiber goodness and knitting friends I have not seen since I moved 3 years ago along with the knitting friends I came with. Heaven !!

Vogue Knitting Live

Vogue Knitting is this weekend. I am really looking forward to going. So much yarn goodness. What I really like about these kind of conventions is that you get see things you don't see in stores or online. The small indy dyers, spinners and creative people are there and it is so much fun to meet them and see their wonderful goodies.